Over 31 years ago, in 1984, Danny D. Chang earned his certificate as a service representative for Fuji Xerox.  He left South Korea with no savings in pursuit of opportunities in the states and eventually opened up his first humble copier sales and service business in 1993 in Santa Fe Springs, CA named First Business Machines.  In those early days Mr. Chang not only sold the machines, he was their sole repairman as well. And he offered something else: a commitment to uncompromising service, and to loyal customer relationships that grew out of that.

Under the leadership of Mr. Chang the company continued to grow, and by 1998 had a customer base over 300 and was one of the first copier businesses to provide the option for rental contracts.  Mr. Chang sold the business to become a partner at All Leasing Services in Irvine, CA.  There he furthered his network and connections in the industry and became more knowledgeable of the copier industry preparing him for what would be his next venture: the founding of Officenet, Inc. 

In September of 2010, Mr. Chang opened the doors to Officenet, Inc. in Santa Fe Springs, CA.  Officenet has seen tremendous growth due to the insight and guidance of its President/CEO and two vice presidents who together, have a combined experience of over 200 years in the copier/printer industry.   

In 2011 Officenet merged with a 25 year authorized manufacturer dealership, Office Digital Solutions, which at the time had a customer base of 5000.  As the company continued to expand, Officenet became an authorized Sharp Electronics Dealer in 2011.  In 2012, Officenet acquired a Kyocera/Copystar dealership and in 2014 Officenet acquired a Xerox dealership.

Today, the company's menu of products and services has diversified as well, as new technologies and workplace changes have created demand for more integrated, networked solutions. Amid all that growth and all those changes, one idea has held fast: Danny Chang’s original commitment to service excellence. That level of excellence isn't merely the summation of over 30+ years of hard work; it's an excellent foundation on which to build for future seasons to come.